The Movie That I Like

The legend of the guardians. This is one animation which I really like. I like it because it conveys the universal message of good and evil. It is also about a boy who unleashes the meaning and purpose of his existence. All along his journey of life, he is driven by the force of mischief and fun. He gives hope to hopeless people and spreads happiness all around him. This quality in Jack Frost is the reason that qualifies and establishes him as one of the guardians. The guardians are the ones who protect every child in their own unique ways. They are the ones who maintain a child’s wonders and make them believe in pleasing things in life.

 You can watch this movie here


Beautiful Moments Are Always Cherished

 A memory to be cherished forever

A memory to be cherished forever

Controlling anger

I have encountered times in my life when I was really angry.  I am the kind who keeps on resisting and takes up all things until they reach a saturation point.  I have known that being angry only degrades a situation. At times I don’t know how to handle even though I try hard. So help me friends and suggest me on how to control my anger.

Marriages today

I don’t know how to start this piece of writing. It is not writing that makes it difficult for me, it is the subject which makes it so. It disturbs me to know that today there are many divorces happening. People are eagerly waiting to end their relation legally when in actual the fragile relation has already been undone. The marriage between man and woman is no more considered a divine unity but a decision made by two indecisive people or more.

At the start, the couple experiences all the love and leaves nothing for the rest of their life together. It sounds funny but this is what happens in reality. Many people seem to blame marriage for the failure they eventually come across while staying together. What every couple needs to comprehend is that if they are really into each other, they must try in every way to save and keep their relation alive.

Yes, marriage can be challenging because not everyone is a saint. Marriage in my understanding is the commitment that both the person has with unconditional love and trust. When in wedlock, people have more responsibilities which web one’s life making it more complicated and mundane at the same time.  Couples must learn to bend and understand each other when one’s actions and thoughts don’t go along.  One must not act immediately when in anger but instead be practical. I think it is all to do with the art of adjusting. One must learn to adjust, appreciate and be positive towards their other half.


Perennial Favorites: How to Starve a Troll

Every blogger must read this piece.

The Daily Post

troll Image via Flickr user christoph.grothaus

Your blog is your space, and you get to define what behavior is acceptable — and not acceptable. This great advice from our in-house Miss Manners, Elizabeth Urello, is worth a second read.

For as long as there have been blogs, there have been trolls. A troll is a commenter who hangs around your blog for the sheer purpose of annoying and goading you and your other readers.

Trolling is quite different from merely being critical. Obviously, not all of your readers are going to agree with you about everything, but a troll’s comments will rarely have anything to do with the topic at hand. For example, say you review a certain book you like. Someone might comment that she thinks it is an overrated work and doesn’t understand why anyone likes it. That’s not trolling. Even a comment as abrupt as “I’ve always hated…

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Who am I?

I am one soul  who believes that whatever happens is for good. Although sometimes i wish what some of that reason was. i wander about almost everything that i stumble upon and as i go through life, i constantly recreate myself.

Many a times i have failed to carry out the tasks in a manner that suggests an incoherent person. I have let down the people that are most dear to me but as long as I am true to my beliefs, principles and values I know I am capable of great achievements like any other individual on this earth.

Every one deserves a sequel, a second chance to bring out the best in an individual. This is me with all flaws and trying to hone into a better being.

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